International Multidisciplinary Prospective Research in Education and Social Sciences 2021 (IMPRESS 21)

IMPRESS21 is aimed to create a platform for scholars at all levels to present and share latest research and practices in education and social sciences. This virtual conference includes asynchronous sessions of panel discussion, paper presentation and skill building workshops. The conference will provide room for intellectual discourse leading to the transfer of knowledge and skills. The virtual space is also intended to promote collaboration and networking between attendees across the globe.

Who should join?

Researchers, academicians, practitioners, policy makers, students

Publishing Opportunity

Selected papers will be published in University peer reviewed journals, Proceeding


Classroom Assessment, Performance-based Assessment, E-Assessment, Computerized Adaptive Testing

Youth Disturbance, Bullying and Victimization, Traditional Bullying, Cyberbullying, School Bullying, Digital Wisdom, Online Safety, Online Security, Awareness, Prevention & Intervention, Augmented Reality in Bullying, Virtual Reality in Bullying Intervention, Psychosocial Intervention, School Violence, Bystander Intervention, Bullying Detection, Virtual Aggression, Phone Bullying, Electronic Bullying, Cybercrime, Cyber Safety, Cyber Aggression, Online Victimization, Electronic Harassments, Social Media Analysis, Technological Solution, Peer Relations, Parental Monitoring, Issues & Ethics, Workplace Bullying.

E-Counselling, Gamification in Counselling, Technology based Counseling, Technology of Online Counseling, Pandemic: integrating technology in counseling, Cybersupervision, Technology in Advocacy, Computer-related Technology for Counselors, Practical Technology Application in Counselor Education.

Artificial Intelligence in Education, Hybrid Learning, Simulation in Learning, Digital Cooperative Pedagogical Practices, Mobile Heutagogy, Mobile Andragogy, Cloud Learning, Gamification.

Soft Computing and Control, Speech Recognition and Acoustic, Affective Computer Feedback, Brain-Computer Interface, Human-Machine Interface, Pattern Recognition, Smart, Adaptive & Intelligent Systems Technologies, Intelligent Process Systems, Biomedical Image Processing, Cell Simulation, and Modeling, Information Management, Communication Systems, Mechatronics and Bio-Mechatronics, System Integration Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing Applications, Software Testing and Analysis, Healthcare Information System & Security.

Digital Technology, Online Therapy, Artificial Intelligence and Bots, Apps, Public Portal, Digital Innovation in Mental Health Management. Mental Health First Aid in COVID-19 Pandemic, Technology and Mental health Issues among Children and Adolescents in Pandemic, Family Dynamic in Digital Era following Pandemic Covid-19, Mental Health Care Quality and Delivery, Mental Health Care Access, Digital Mental Health, Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation, Needs Assessment of Mental Health Care Institutions, Information Technology and Health Care Quality, Artificial Intelligence in Mental Healthcare Innovations, Mental Health Impact on the Workplace, Mental Health and Stress Prevention, The Science of Sleep and Mental Health, Utilizing Virtual Health For Mental Health Treatment, Employee Mental Health Support in through Digital, Mental Health Crisis Management in Pandemic, Mental Health among the Community and Special Needs.

Internet Survey, Visual Ethnography, Data Mining, Simulation, Predictive Modeling, Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Method, Systematic Literature Review, Meta-Analysis, Online Survey, Mobile Survey, Online Experiments, Social Network Analysis, Propensity Score Analysis, Big Data Modeling and Predictions, Data Mining, Text Mining.

Web-based Applications & Services in Robotics, Virtual Reality and Applications, Cloud Computing in Robotic & Automation, Robot Sensors and Actuators, Autonomous Vehicle Systems, Tele Robots Systems, Autonomous Agents, Biosensors and Control, Tele-Operation.

Tutorial using R Packages, Application of R Packages, Review of R Packages.

Important Dates

Call for full paper
Full Paper Submission
Camera-Ready Copy

Organizing Committee


Assoc. Prof Dr. Abdul Rahim Razalli

Advisor 1

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Talib Mohamed Hashim

Advisor 2

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Kung Teck


Dr. Priyalatha Govindasamy


Dr. Nor Junainah Mohd Isa


Pn. Nor Firdous Mohamed


Dr. Zahari Suppian


En. Rasyidi Johan


Dr. Asma Perveen




RM 20

Publication fee for journal/proceeding

RM 110

Local Co-organizer


RM 15

Publication fee for journal/proceeding

RM 75



USD 20

Publication fee for journal/proceeding

USD 110

International Co-organizer


USD 15

Publication fee for journal/proceeding

USD 75

  • No fee is imposed on authors for submitting papers.
  • The conference secretariat will officially email the corresponding on the acceptance or rejection of the submitted papers.
  • Only the officially accepted papers will be asked to pay the publication fee.
  • Authors are advised to wait for the official decision of the submitted papers before registering for the conference.


Contact Us

  Priyalatha Govindasamy
  Fakulti Pembangunan Manusia UPSI, 35900 Tanjong Malim, Perak Darul Ridzuan
  Rasyidi Johan (Technical PIC)
  Fakulti Seni, Komputeran dan Industri Kreatif & Pusat Alumni, UPSI, 35900 Tanjong Malim, Perak Darul Ridzuan